Freelance AR Developer

Ruud op den Kelder

I am a seasoned immersive experience developer. I usually work on games, interactive installations, mixed reality experiences and interactive stage performances. I can help you with development, coaching and technical project management.

I thrive in the often unknown territory of creative software innovation projects, where I feel at home working with the cutting edge of mixed reality technology. As a creative developer, I fuse my technological prowess with my sensitivity for dramatic storytelling.

Some of the companies I have had the pleasure to work with:

Yle, Microsoft, Samsung, ABN Amro, Happy Finish, Double A Productions, Studio Louter, WeMakeVR, Film Academy Amsterdam

Latest work

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Creative Development & Consulting

Over 10 years of experience delivering award winning playful interactive applications and experiences for Mixed Reality Devices and Interactive Stage Performances using Unity3D.

Workshops & Coaching


Creative Development & Interactive Design workshops designed to ignite the creative spark and empower the next generation of creators.

Technical Project Management


My methods allow a team to thrive by creating an environment that fosters communication and frictionless workflow.

Here happened a murder

Here happened a murder

Immersive true crime with volumetric video



Oneness in audiovisual stage performances

Re-Act VR

Re-Act VR

A multisensory VR awareness campaign

The Lockdown AR

The Lockdown AR

World's First AR Escape Room Game

I will be available for new creative development projects very shortly! So reach me either at, 0644053772, connect on LinkedIn.

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